Nov 22 2009

2008-09 Offensive Statistical Scouting Reports

Tweet Late last year I started putting together some statistical scouting reports for lineups of players in an attempt at trying to understand how combinations of players worked together. Nothing great came of that, but the general idea of putting together a statistical scouting report for players has interested me. The general idea of the […]

Oct 30 2009

Individual Defensive Efficiency Ratings Extracted from Play-by-Play Data

Tweet In my last post I presented individual offensive efficiency ratings that were extracted from play-by-play data. In this post I will present individual defensive efficiency ratings that I have extracted from play-by-play data. As with the individual offensive efficiency ratings, I’ve constructed these individual defensive efficiency ratings in a similar fashion as Dean Oliver […]

Oct 25 2009

Individual Offensive Efficiency Ratings Extracted from Play-by-Play Data

Tweet I’m unsatisfied with the usefulness of individual efficiency ratings that estimate the offensive and defensive impact of a player on a lineup’s efficiency by simply controlling for the strength of teammates and opponents. This is because these ratings don’t really give any insight into what the individual players are actually doing. These ratings are […]

Oct 5 2009

Is One Lineup Better Than Another?

Tweet One part of Wayne Winston’s new book Mathletics that I didn’t really like was the way he compared raw lineup data to determine if one lineup is better than another. After thinking about it more, I think the real reason I don’t like his method is because he compares the lineups’ net points per […]

Jun 28 2009

The Time Distribution of Events in the NBA

Tweet In my quest to create a realistic simulation of the NBA, I’ve come to the point in which I need to answer an important question: how long does it take for an event to occur after the start of a play? We don’t actually have to care about the time distribution of events to […]

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