May 6 2010

My Bachelor’s Essay

Tweet My senior research and writing project at the College of Charleston is complete, and the result of it is my bachelor’s essay. I’ve titled it “Modeling Basketball’s Points per Possession With Application to Predicting the Outcome of College Basketball Games”, and the associated abstract for the paper is below: In this paper we consider […]

Apr 1 2010

My 2010 NCAA Tournament Rating Methods

Tweet On March 21st I presented some work on rating college basketball teams with an emphasis on estimating win probabilities in future games at SIAM-SEAS 2010. You can download the following presentation for more details of the methods: Estimating the Probability of Winning a College Basketball Game In this presentation I look at two ways […]

Mar 18 2010

My 2010 NCAA Tournament Odds

Tweet Last year I posted my odds for the 2009 NCAA tournament, and this year I’ve made some improvements to help me fill out my bracket. This year I’ve modeled the difference in each team’s mean points per possession per game. This model can then be used to estimate the probability of one team beating […]

Nov 6 2009

My Poster at Cha-Cha Days 2009

Tweet This weekend is Cha-Cha Days 2009 at the University of Central Florida, and I will be presenting a poster on some research I’ve done for my senior research and writing project at the College of Charleston. The title for my poster is Modeling Basketball’s Points per Possession, and the motivation for this work comes […]

Oct 5 2009

Is One Lineup Better Than Another?

Tweet One part of Wayne Winston’s new book Mathletics that I didn’t really like was the way he compared raw lineup data to determine if one lineup is better than another. After thinking about it more, I think the real reason I don’t like his method is because he compares the lineups’ net points per […]

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