Oct 28 2008

The Average Number of Starters Over Time

Tweet For the foreseeable future my work will focus on understanding how specific game situations affect team, unit, and player performance. The end goal is to understand what performance in these specific situations means with respect to true player ability. To kick this off, I’ve decided to take a very general look at how the […]

Oct 24 2008

Welcome ESPN The Magazine Readers

Tweet Let me first welcome you to the website. The about page and my welcome post will help bring you up to speed on who I am and why I’ve created this website. You can also checkout the archives to see what I’ve posted since the inception of this website. If you’re interested in keeping […]

Oct 16 2008

2007-2008 Regular Season Play-By-Play Data Now Available

Tweet I want to let everyone know that I’ve updated the data page with an initial draft of the 2007-2008 regular season play-by-play data. This data is in CSV format, and includes every player on the court along with any shot location information available. To provide this data in this format, I haven’t been able […]

Sep 30 2008

Getting Defensive for the 2008-2009 Regular Season

Tweet Now that I have a theoretical model for the probability of winning a basketball game, my goal is to collect data that will help make a useful practical model for the probability of winning a basketball game. Existing Data There is a lot of existing data to examine for contribution to a useful practical […]

Sep 24 2008

A Theoretical Model for The Probability of Winning a Basketball Game – Part 3

Tweet This is the third in a 3 part series where I will present a theoretical model for the probability of winning a basketball game. The 3 parts will break this model down at the team, unit, and player level. In part two of this series I presented a way to break down the probability […]

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