Feb 10 2009

Predicting Team Rebounding Rates

As we saw in my post on ranking net efficiency ratings, we don’t gain a lot of information by ranking NBA efficiency ratings at the team level. In other words, finding each team’s rating does not affect their overall ranking very much. The same holds true for offensive and defensive rebounding rates, and I suspect […]

Feb 4 2009

Ranking Net Efficiency Ratings

I’ve been lucky enough to take part in an independent study with my advisor this semester, where I study various methods for ranking things, like sports teams. Our specific area of application is the NCAA tournament, but these methods can be used for much more. My main interest is in how to apply ranking methods […]

Jan 15 2009

Shooting Percentages in the Low Paint

This is the first part of a four part series in which I will examine how a player’s shooting percentage at each position is a function of the player’s age, height, and weight. This is a four part series because I will be examining four locations on the court: the low paint, the high paint, […]

Dec 26 2008

Rating 3pt Statistics with the Colley Matrix Method

Taking into account opponent strength is one area I continually question when studying all forms of NBA statistics, whether it be at the team, 5-player unit, or individual player level. Having the ability to quantify this is something I want to get a handle on, so I’ve spent time studying methods the BCS uses to […]

Dec 14 2008

Points Added: An Alternaive Way to Evaluate a Player’s On-Court Contributions

If you are reading this post then you are undoubtedly familiar with the increased popularity of plus/minus and adjusted plus/minus ratings. These methods help account for a player’s contributions made while he is on the court that are not measured by traditional statistics. Thanks to the work done by the likes of Dan T. Rosenbaum, […]


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