Oct 24 2008

Welcome ESPN The Magazine Readers

Tweet Let me first welcome you to the website. The about page and my welcome post will help bring you up to speed on who I am and why I’ve created this website. You can also checkout the archives to see what I’ve posted since the inception of this website. If you’re interested in keeping […]

Aug 22 2008

Analytics is the End Game

Tweet Analytics, at the end of the day, is … going to be the end game. – MC Hammer The quote above is taken from this video, where MC Hammer lays it all out in the open about analytics. If you just replace the music references with those from the basketball world, then you end […]

Aug 6 2008


Tweet Welcome to BasketballGeek.com. My name is Ryan J. Parker, and I am one of the many basketball geeks out there. I have started this website for a couple of reasons: Reason #1: Play-By-Play Data First, and most importantly, I believe that for the average researcher basketball research has reached a ceiling due to a […]

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