May 31 2009

Conditioning the Distribution of Play Ending Events Given How the Play Starts

Tweet My last post took a very general look at how plays end in the NBA. To better understand how the game works, it’s important to know how these distributions vary based on how the play starts. How Do Plays Start? Plays can start in a variety of ways. I’ve broken these ways into the […]

May 19 2009

The Distribution of Play Ending Events in the NBA

Tweet I have come to the realization that I really don’t understand the NBA game all that well. Sure I have a general knowledge of basketball, but as I work toward building a realistic simulation of the NBA, I realize that I don’t understand the dynamics of the game that impact a team’s chances of […]

Apr 8 2009

Player Statistics at Home vs Away

Tweet It has become apparent to me that to we must study the relationship between game situations and the player statistics collected under these game situations before we can fully understand the stats we collect about players. Players enter the game under varying conditions, thus the distribution of game situations is not uniform across all […]

Mar 17 2009

Effective Rebounding Rates

Tweet Earlier in the season I wrote myself the following note while watching a Clippers game: Is Baron Davis really a “very good” rebounder for a guard? How would we determine this? (Please continue once you’re done laughing at the fact I was actually watching a Clippers game.) This note was the result of listening […]

Mar 6 2009

Measuring the Relationship Between Players and their Lineup’s Effective FG%

Tweet In my last post I presented a method for measuring the relationship between players and their lineup’s shot distribution. This, however, is only part of the picture. We also need to know the relationship between players and their lineup’s shooting percentages from those locations on the court to determine if a player has a […]

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