Aug 21 2008

Data Pet Peeve #1: Loose Ball Fouls & Rebounds

I’m always running into recurring issues with existing basketball data that cause me exercise my obsessive compulsiveness, so I’m going to start keeping track of those issues here. If they frustrate you just as much as they frustrate me then maybe someone will do something about it one day. Or not. First on the list […]

Aug 18 2008

Tracking Data from the 2008 NBA Playoffs

After writing roughly 4,000 lines of perl code to get the existing play-by-play data into the format I want to work with, I’m finally ready to track data from the 2008 NBA playoffs. This data collection project (along with the motivation to perform this data collection on a larger scale for the regular season) has […]

Aug 6 2008


Welcome to My name is Ryan J. Parker, and I am one of the many basketball geeks out there. I have started this website for a couple of reasons: Reason #1: Play-By-Play Data First, and most importantly, I believe that for the average researcher basketball research has reached a ceiling due to a lack […]


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