Aug 21 2008

Data Pet Peeve #2: Offensive Rebounds & In-Air Shots

It didn’t take long for me to find my 2nd data pet peeve. This pet peeve is related to the first data pet peeve in that it involves rebounds and play-by-play ordering.

This peeve is because offensive rebounds are credited after in-air shots. This makes me sad.

An Example

With 7:54 left in the 4th quarter in game 1 of the first round series between Toronto and Orlando, Dwight Howard gets an offensive rebound and slams down a dunk without ever touching the ground. (He is superman, after all.) In the play-by-play, however, you’ll see that the offensive rebound is credited after the putback dunk. I’m sure this would frustrate superman as much as it does me.

My cut & paste skills are going to be expert soon enough. This also makes me sad.

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